Teaching multiplication basics is about to become engaging, for your students (and you)

...In 14 innovative, hands-on lessons, see how invigorating teaching 4 x 5 can be

Approximately $28 USD

You know how important multiplication facts are as a foundation for learning mathematics. 

As a great teacher, it’s scary to hear the startling statistic: 

Right now, up to 40% of 12 year olds don’t have confident knowledge of their multiplication basic facts.

We can be the teachers who change that. 

Even if mathematics isn’t your most-liked subject to teach (I get it reading lovers)…

Even if there are kids who are constantly off-task or stare out the window…

We have unbeatable lessons and resources that outline exactly what to do for teaching multiplication basics ‘Times Tables’.

Our approach is engaging AND will cut down on your lesson planning time.

I was a teacher who went on a mission to discover methods that weren’t taught during my studies. I partnered with my mentor, turned colleague Dr Judy Hartnett and we developed a teaching approach that we have shown to teachers around Australia.

We have packaged 14 of these amazing multiplication basic fact lessons and all of the resources that go with them, right here – that you can access at a wildly low price now.

Approximately $28 USD

Every detail is broken down for you, lesson by lesson, step by step

Each lesson includes a detailed inquiry- based lesson plan, hands-on activities, resources and worksheets designed specifically for each lesson. You will see how to engage students in hands-on learning (in a developmental order). 

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Ready to love mathematics class more than your lunch break? 

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