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With these FREE Ten Frames Resources, Lessons, and Guides, you’re fully equipped to show students these foundational concepts in an easy-to-understand, engaging way!

Watch the quick video to see what’s in the Masterclass and how it will make teaching this topic fun and easy.

Place Value is a critical group of concepts teachers all around Australia are sharing with their students. Some teachers are getting a great reception… others not so much. But regardless of how their students do, these teachers might also be: 

  • Burning too much time planning and preparing lessons
  • Trying to find the best way to pass these critical concepts on
  • Uncertain on how to use “hand on” learning with mathematics

This Masterclass is designed to make it faster and easier for teachers to help students comprehend Place Value in a way that gets them engaged and excited to learn.

Why Place Value Is Paramount

Learning Place Value starts from a child’s first year of schooling and is needed to develop a deep sense of number. So it’s no understatement to say that it’s crucial we make sure our students build a deep understanding of not just what Place Value is, but how to use the concepts.

Here’s how you do it in a practical way that draws students in and makes it fun for them… and l with minimal prep time from you.

3 Reasons Students Can Struggle With Place Value

An Abstract Idea

Place Value is an abstract idea… which can be tough for many children who learn in more concrete terms. That’s why using sensory experiences like these resources help students join the dots between the abstract and concrete.

Teacher Understanding

There’s a lot of concepts that fall under Place Value, and sometimes teachers don’t always know the best way to convey all of them. The Masterclass helps you understand the concepts better so you can help your class understand it better.


When we see students making the same mistakes around Place Value, it’s likely they don’t fully grasp how it works. The Masterclass gives you resources and materials to help themiron outthose misconceptions and truly understand how it works – in a way that works for them!

With the Place Value Masterclass, you can not only avoid these issues but have a huge impact on your students by teaching them fundamental concepts they’ll use for the rest of their school years.

So, What Do You Get In
The Place Value Masterclass?

Different Matching Cards students can use to practice Place Value

Sample lessons

Worksheets to engage students and reinforce concepts

Extra Resources such as Digit Cards, Numeral Expanders, and Charts

Quick Video Walk-throughs to show you how to get the most out of the resources

"This is the best PD! I've never loved mathematics that much as a student or a teacher - this makes me super excited."

"Hey There, I’m Guy - Your Masterclass Instructor"

Guy Constable

Guy here, the founder of Learning Through Doing. Together with Dr Judy Harnett, I created a teaching approach because it’s what I needed and wished I had years ago.  

Place Value is such an important family of concepts that all our students need to master in their earlier years of schooling. When they understand Place Value, they’re able to grasp the magnitude of numbers (e.g. that 20 is literally 10 times more than 2) and have the basis for solving many problems.

That’s why I’m sharing this Masterclass with you. It gives you an easy, effective way of teaching your students this fundamental skill. But it also introduces you to a new approach that could change how you teach mathematics 

Have fun with the Masterclass!

Guy Constable

Flick the lightbulbs on for your students around Place Value…
And have a lot of fun doing it!

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