Let us do the planning for you so you can teach hands-on mathematics lessons that excites every child

How? The most comprehensive, proven approach that has teachers (whether new or experienced) reinvigorated  

Right now, as a teacher, I’m guessing you:
  • Have students that disrupt or appear disinterested, which feels disheartening  ​
  • Are an educator who wants to create the best learning environment possible
  • Know “hands-on” learning is great but aren’t sure how to embed it in mathematics

Get 100s of hands-on learning lessons at your fingertips, for years to come

We have developed an approach to teaching Mathematics that will get students’ hands raised, grades up and that will slash your lesson planning time.

It can be hard to reach out for support, whether you’re one year into teaching or been teaching for 20 years.

All educators deserve support, to experience learning for themselves.

We have a way to make mathematics an engaging, rich experience – for both you and your students.

Rather than teachers copying reams of worksheets, this is the opportunity to invigorate your entire approach – for years to come.

You get detailed lesson plans with supporting activities, resources and worksheets!

Step-by-step approach

Structured, hands-on, high impact use of visual mathematical models to support learning.

Complete lessons

Detailed inquiry-based lesson plans which intentionally use hands-on learning activities with specifically designed resources, worksheets and short ‘How-To’ videos.

LTD Community

Exclusive access and ongoing professional development through regular online sessions, social media and email.

Try a Learning Through Doing Membership

The monthly game-changer for innovative, hands-on mathematics teaching, that provides:

Professional Development of Teachers

Empowered teachers, whether brand new or experienced 

Inquiry Based Teaching

Using open ended questions to ignite students’ confidence and critical thinking skills 

The Consistent Pedagogy

Whole Class to set the scene Hands-On to try it themselves Independent to reinforce concepts learner 

"This is the best PD! I've never loved mathematics that much as a student or a teacher - this makes me super excited."

Take a look at our sample lessons

Lesson video, worksheet and associated resources

"Burnt out, I nearly quit teaching - then I discovered something life-changing."

Guy Constable

“Guy Constable here, the founder of Learning Through Doing. Together with Dr Judy Hartnett, I created a teaching approach because it’s what I needed and wished I had years ago.

At my first school, almost every child was very attentive. Sat up straight. Had their pencil eagerly in hand.

My second school was a bit…different. 

I quickly worked out many of the students were deeply struggling. It was not about disliking mathematics. The root problem was they didn’t believe in themselves. They already felt so far behind.”

Experience so far and University didn’t provide every tool I needed to be a confident, effective teacher, so I went on a mission.

After years of trying a variety of research-based methods…

Partnering with Dr Judy Hartnett, my absolutely brilliant mentor turned colleague who I worked with on a project at the Queensland University of Technology… 

We shared ideas and developed a combined approach to teaching mathematics based on the best of all our experiences and research working with schools across the country. We created Learning Through Doing.


After countless teachers saying “Thank you for this new approach!" We knew it had to be shared.

Students started feeling confident and were getting improved results and teachers (even those who prefer reading and arts) began to love mathematics, the truth hit: 

This information can’t be kept to a chosen few in workshops and conferences.

So we developed and packaged up lessons for you, for any teacher leading mathematics lessons for ages 5 – 12. 

Our innovative approach to hands-on learning for mathematics can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Say farewell to never-ending reams of worksheets...

Are you ready to see how engaging mathematics can be?


LTD lessons are organised according to the strands of the Australian Curriculum – Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Within each strand is a topic menu and within each topic is a list of lessons. Each lesson title describes the Maths in the lesson. Lessons are organised on the webpage in a suggested teaching sequence within each topic.

Learning Through Doing is based in Australia but the mathematics in our lessons is universal. LTD lessons are currently linked to the Australian Curriculum but these can certainly be linked to the Curriculum documents of other countries.

All LTD lessons include a list of the maths concepts that are the focus of the lesson. They also include a brief Teacher Background section aimed at providing some insight into the Maths in the lesson. The intention of these sections is to teach the teacher something they may not have realised about the maths in the lesson. LTD lessons also model an inquiry approach so teachers can learn about this way of teaching as they become familiar with the lessons. The LTD team can also present dedicated Professional development to schools on request.

LTD lessons have been written so they are accessible to parents as well as teachers. Each lesson provides some background to the maths being taught and the lessons are detailed so each step makes sense. The resources mentioned in lessons can be swapped for things around the home e.g. dry pasta instead of counters.

LTD has plans to write lessons for Junior Secondary (Years 7-10). The plan is to start writing these in 2021. Until then some of the Year 6 lessons could provide ideas for Year 7 classes.

Yes, LTD lessons are carefully organised so learning in each topic progresses across year levels. We have Scope and Sequence overview documents for Foundation to Yr 2; Year 2 to Year 4 and Year 4 to Year 6.

LTD has written Year Overviews for grades Foundation to Year 6 with a term by term suggested teaching sequence for the LTD lessons all linked to the Australian Curriculum.

LTD lessons are organised into ‘phases’ within each topic. The lessons are listed in order so if there is a concept your students need you can track backwards to find a lesson to help them.

Each lesson has a short video that models each lesson. The video briefly describes the three parts of the lesson.

Access to the LTD website can be by individual subscription or whole school subscription.

LTD lessons can be used to supplement existing school programs. LTD lessons are organised using the same topics as most curriculum documents/commercial programs.

All Learning Through Doing lessons have a three-part pedagogical structure. They start with a Whole Class activity followed by a Hands-On activity where students use materials to further investigate the maths and each lesson has an Independent task that is directly related to the lesson that can be used for assessment or for follow up.

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