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Maths Tutorials For At Home Learning

Looking for maths tutorials that make at home learning easy and fun? Our maths tutorials and resources have been created with the end goal of students gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics. Learning Through Doing maths tutorials are engaging and interesting. Mathematics in these lessons is seen as something to discuss, investigate and try rather than something to be told about and practised sitting at desks. LTD lessons incorporate an inquiry approach where the focus is to ask questions so students discover the concepts and ‘see the maths for themselves’. It is hoped the lessons induce a sense of wonder about maths and a desire to know more.

Our maths tutorials are engaging, interesting and unique as they help students change their perspective of mathematics. We believe that Maths Tutorials should be interesting in the sense that you should be investigating rather than just being told what to do. Our maths tutorials help students gain a passion for maths through unique and engaging lessons that give students a genuine interest and appreciation for problem solving.

The Learning Through Doing lessons all have the structure. The 3-part pedagogy provides consistency for both teachers and students


Engagement From Start To Finish
Each of our lessons were designed to help teachers and parents engage their students/children through engaging content.

Hands On Approach
Each of our lessons helps students to make meaningful connections through hands-on activities, appropriate maths models and creative maths resources.

Provokes Intrigue & Curiosity
Our lessons were designed to provoke intrigue and change the perception of mathematics – making it a fun adventure rather than a chore.

Are you a:

  • TEACHER looking for dynamic Maths lessons that will change the way you teach and understand Mathematics?
  • PARENT who is searching for ways to meaningfully engage your children in learning Mathematics?
  • PRINCIPAL wanting a new whole school approach to Mathematics?
  • CURRICULUM LEADER looking for ways to build teacher mathematical and pedagogical knowledge?

Maths Tutorials – Learn From Home With LTD

Learning Through Doing lessons are presented as a detailed lesson plan, resources and a short ‘how to’ video that summarises the lesson and demonstrates the use of materials and resources. It is all easily accessible in 1 place – on our platform.

Learning Through Doing lessons are detailed. They include a list of the concepts for the students to understand (not just a statement of skills for them to demonstrate). When teachers have a clear focus on what they want students to understand they tend to approach the lesson differently than when they are focusing on what they want students to do. The LTD lessons also include background information that explains the mathematics involved in the lesson. Each section of the lesson includes questions the teacher can ask the students to encourage observation, reasoning and generalisation, all very important maths skills. The detail means that LTD lessons provide opportunities for teachers to depth their knowledge of mathematics and mathematics pedagogy as they teach them.

Primary school teachers tend to be English/Humanities focused or Maths/Science focused. There are significantly more English/Humanities focused primary teachers than Maths or Science focused primary teachers. Therefore, LTD lessons can provide support for teachers who do not have / have not had the opportunity for in-depth learning of Maths content and ways to teach Maths. By embedding professional development in the LTD lessons we provide learning opportunities for teachers without them needing to go ‘off class’.

(We want to teach the teachers as well as provide materials for them to teach the students) When students experience ‘aha’ moments teachers can tell that they have understood something, that something has made sense to them. When something makes sense it is more likely to be applied further and remembered for later use. We want teachers to read the lessons and have ‘aha’ moments themselves. Hopefully they will learn something about the maths or about ways to teach maths that they hadn’t thought of or experienced before. These approaches, with LTD lesson guidance are likely to be successful so teachers will apply these learnings in future classes they teach as well. Ongoing learning for all.

Benefits of LTD Maths Tutorials: 

  • Understanding: Students show a deep understanding the concepts rather than doing mathematics just for the answers.
  • Transfer of Learning: Understanding leads to transfer of learning to other applications and contexts.
  • Life Long Learning: Learning Transfer leads to life long learning
  • Holistic Approach: A Maths program that is comprehensive, developmental and engaging.
  • Full Access: Teachers have access to all lessons, not just ones for their year level so they can tailor programs to suit their learners.
  • Professional Development: Lessons have built in teacher professional development.

Step-by-step approach
Structured, hands-on, high impact use of visual mathematical models to support learning.

Complete lessons
Detailed inquiry-based lesson plans which intentionally use hands-on learning activities with specifically designed resources, worksheets and short ‘How-To’ videos.

LTD Community
Exclusive access to a Facebook group or Webinars with coaching sessions and Q&A’s to continue to upskill all members.

Take a look at our sample lessons

Lesson video, worksheet and associated resources

Sample Lesson 1
Lesson Plan
Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3
Resource 4
Sample Lesson 2
Lesson Plan
Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3
Resource 4

“I watched one of your videos and it’s like a light bulb has gone on. I’m going to go through it all over the weekend and see what I can use. Any other help you could offer would be amazing. His class is up to multiplications (year 5) but he can’t grasp the basics of groupings so unless he has the building blocks he will fall further behind”

Lisa, Parent

“Accessibility, theoretical underpinning, hands-on, responsive to our current learners, simplicity, empowering, engaging.”

Brad, Teacher

“Has had a phenomenal impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics in our remote Anangu Lands Schools of South Australia. Teachers really get this innovative approach to teaching and I’ve never seen students more engaged in learning maths. A tremendous resource for all teachers and for parents interested in supporting their child’s learning of mathematics at home”

Warren Giles, Assistant Director Anangu Lands Schools
“Having a variety of tools and strategies to teach the same concept in many exciting ways and having lots of engaging hands on methods for teaching concrete to abstract.”
Nicole, Teacher

“The extensive number of lessons, materials and how genuine, realistic and achievable it is to use has me feeling excited.”

Sarah, Parent
“This is the best PD I’ve experienced. I’ve never loved math’s that much as a student or a teacher- this makes me super excited.”
Lyn, Teacher

“I just can’t get over how much sense it all made as you shared and demonstrated how you teach. I’ve learnt so much about what they (students) know, and I cannot believe how easily and consistently it generates discussions about number.”

Jo, Teacher

“Guy consulted at a remote school where I worked. Some students were very disinterested in maths, but with Guy’s help these students became excited, energetic and engaged.”

Dan, Teacher

“When my daughter Kiara was in Year 5 she was having real difficulty with her math. She couldn’t do most of the basic work that other kids her age seemed to be coping with easy. She told me she didn’t enjoy math and it was too hard to understand so she never listened which just resulted in her falling further behind. After only a few sessions with Guy she was already showing improvement. Kiara told me Guy made math fun and easy for her to understand. I watched her confidence and ability grow so quickly in such a short amount of time. She would come home after her time with Guy and tell me how she enjoyed math now and couldn’t wait for it in class. It was a complete turnaround for her in her approach to math.”

Naomi, Parent