Learning Through Doing.

Looking For Interactive Online Maths Resources For Your Students?


Are You A Teacher Helping Your Students Learn Mathematics From Home? Our Platform Offers:

  • Dynamic lessons that will change the way you teach and understand Mathematics
  • A teaching approach which helps meaningfully engage your students in learning Mathematics
  • Hands-on activities which help students grow into confident learners

Step-by-step approach
Structured, hands-on, high impact use of visual mathematical models to support learning.

Complete lessons
Detailed inquiry-based lesson plans which intentionally use hands-on learning activities with specifically designed resources, worksheets and short ‘How-To’ videos.

LTD Community
Exclusive access to a Facebook group or Webinars with coaching sessions and Q&A’s to continue to upskill all members.

Take a look at our sample lessons

Lesson video, worksheet and associated resources

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Lesson Plan
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Sample Lesson 2
Lesson Plan
Resource 1
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" The Platform has had a phenomenal impact on the teaching and learning of mathematics in our remote Anangu Lands Schools of South Australia. Teachers really get this innovative approach to teaching and I’ve never seen students more engaged in learning maths. A tremendous resource for all teachers and for parents interested in supporting their child’s learning of mathematics at home
- Assistant Director
Anangu Lands Schools

Professional Development

Professional development is a necessity for continuing to grow as an educator. The LTD team has sifted through the overwhelming amount of content and frameworks to come up with an easy-to-use and proven tool that is going to build on your knowledge and change the way you approach teaching Mathematics.

Why should you join the LTD community?

  • You will be educated on how to use a pedagogical framework that scaffolds understanding and intentionally uses manipulatives to support learning in a fun, engaging way.
  • You will be shown how to use the key teaching models relevant for different concepts.
  • Our modelled lessons are precise and demonstrate appropriate strategies related to each concept.
  • Fundamental understandings and developmental sequencing related to concepts will be outlined.
  • You will have access to regular webinars to support your growth in delivering mathematical content.
  • You will be part of a supportive community that shares understandings and experiences.

Our approach to learning is research based, theoretically underpinned and highly
effective. We’ve seen students and parents change their mindset from one of dread and
despair towards Mathematics, to one of confidence and intrigue.

This approach helps to ensure that each lesson:
☑ Engages Each Student
☑ Provokes Intrigue
☑ Makes Use Of Hands On Activities
☑ Utilises Creative Maths Resources